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Saffron's Change Of Heart

Once upon a time there was a great sorcerer named Saffron. She was one of the fair witches in white magic all across the kingdom.
Anytime the king needed any magic he always called Saffron to perform it, her name was known all across the lands with great respect.
She lived deep in the woodlands, in a large clearing in a round house with moss growing all over the roof.

One day she was called by the king to cast a protection spell all over the land, to keep the peace of the people.
The king usually called Saffron to cast this magic because he had great trust and respect for her; this wasn't unusual thing as the king loved the lands and all the people who blessed it with their presence.

One day while on her travels though the town Saffron was stopped by a man with a long dark coat on.
"Magic book miss? Five gold coins." He uttered.
Saffron looked at the book; it was a curiously odd looking book and in a tatty state, yet brought it from the stranger all the same, even thou she knew these street traders were not to be trusted.
She made her way back to her home in the woods and started to read.
Soon as she started reading she instantly picked up that this was no ordinary magic book, this was one of black magic, yet the more she read the less she seemed to care what type of book it was.
Saffron studied the book for some weeks, however, didn't notice that it had somewhat of a magical grip on her.
The more she read the more she felt the urge to use this magic she knew that was forbidden throughout the land.

Days past until she was called to cast the usual protection spell across the land.
Saffron, after preparing herself for the spell, a thought came into her mind to use the magic she had learnt from the book across the land to help. Little did she know that this would not help, but, the book had done its job; it had influenced her to use the magic from its pages.

She made her way out the forest through the court yard and up the main spire into the hall room where the most good and fair magician's gather to cast the spell for the kingdom, however, as she entered into the room she had some odd looks from the circle, but put on her smile face and joined them in friendly chatter.
When the time came to cast the spell and all the good wizards and Sorcerers were concentrating, she uttered some black magic words under her breath, just low enough for no one to hear that she had learnt earlier from the book, and no one suspected a thing.
When all was done and they had finished they all sat with the king in a large hall and had lunch.
After lunch the king thanked everyone greatly for assisting in protecting the lands, but at that moment something went off in Saffron's head, somehow, she thought he was thanking her for the black magic that she had done.

Neither of them knew that all over the lands the people started to become jealous and fearful and started thinking of ways to trick and scam one another.
Saffron then returned to her wonderful home in the woodlands and started to study more black magic and even began to read some of her white magic books, once again, turning the words and spells backwards to see what would happen.
She even cast some spells on the unexpecting creatures of the forest.
This gradually turned into a regular thing for Saffron, all week she practised and managed to turn most of the white, good magic into black magic, she even started to think it was the right thing to do.

A week passed and she had been called once again by the king to join in an urgent healing spell for the people of the land.
This was an unusual for the king to do such a thing, as the protection spell was usually more than enough for the entire land, however, the king was receiving so much bad news he decided to call the sorcerers and wizards to help out.

So once again they all gathered together in the grand castle that stood tall, over looking the land.

Once they all had come together in the main meeting hall, the king, sat at the front, asked what could be done for the people of the land to calm the chaos.
After hours of deep conversation they all come to the conclusion of a joint healing spell to be done instantly, but, Saffron didn't agree to this one bit, but she tried hard to hide her feelings and went along with it anyway, so she didn't look like the odd one out.

They all cleared there thoughts in a moment of silence before performing the spell. When they finally began to chant the magic words, silence fell once again, and Saffron was left alone with her cold and empty voice echoing throughout the hall.
Everyone turned to Saffron and looked straight though her, her heart started to beat loudly, when the king's voice broke the silence, startling Saffron.
As his words spread though the hall "What is wrong?"

The king, not being a magical person himself looked around very confused. Then, from a little voice from the back uttered the words, "Saffron"
The king peered straight in the direction of Saffron, with a very astonished look all over his face. Then, turned to the small voice and asked what was wrong? Then from the silence came the words "She's has used black magic" The king looked back to Saffron with utter disappointment.
Her eyes dropped straight to the ground and her heart skipped a beat as his gaze met hers, and asked "Is this true?" when she replied,
"Yes" in a quiet shallow and empty voice.

The king called the guards from outside instantly and ordered the Wizard Council to remove all of Saffron's magical powers and then escorted Saffron directly to the chambers.
The wizards and sorcerers then went on to cast the healing spell for the land to undo what bad Saffron had done, as the king left them to it and went to talk to Saffron down in the chamber.

Once they were alone together, he asked why she had done it, and all she could think of is "I didn't know the difference." she continued to admit all the bad things she had done in front of the king with a tear in her eye and explained about the book she had brought from the dark stranger.
She began to think and couldn't believe that she had done the acts which came from her own mouth.

The king went away embarrassed with himself for not noticing it earlier and to think that saffron was one of the most trusted sorcerers.

Later that day, he had a meeting with the grand high wizard, Arthis, to see what could be done about Saffron.
For about three hours they spoke about what had been done and what was the best punishment could be suitable for her crimes.

Later that day they called Saffron to the meeting hall to face the consequences of her actions.
The king and old Arthis sat down facing Saffron begin to tell her what happened during the meeting and what was going to happen to her. They explained that because she was under black magic herself and had weakened her, her punishment would be light; to spread the word and teachings of the white magic in which she knows and report back each week to see her progress.

When Saffron started her punishment she disliked it at first, but as time went on and remembering what bad she did, she could teach others in the ways of the sorcerer more effective and started to appreciate all she was doing for the land, spreading the word of good through out the land.

The End

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