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Brainless thoughts on the forced upon and encuraged pathetic everyday eye saw with no option but too endure.

Residential Housing

Rooms and Flats of Rent
Basic facilities of cooker, sink, hot and cold water, washing machine, tumble drier, toilet, heating, bath and shower should be provided too accommodate standard existance and living requirements.
In shared accommadation there should be atleast one social communal room where tenants can interact and participate in activities together such as a television, games to play, craft items, newspapers and books to read, computer games, DVD films and puzzles.

    Information provided of:
  • Landlords contact details
  • Who and how to pay rent, electric, gas, water, internet and phone
  • A map of the local area
  • Where to aquire furnishings
  • Exercise and fitness gym locations
  • Where you can buy food groceries
  • Social groups to attend, events, craft or meetings to join
  • Entertainment places such as clubs, pubs, cinemas, theaters, snooker and pool halls
  • Shops to buy clothing, cooking equiptment and electrical devices and equiptment
  • details of parks, walkways and gardens to visit
  • Bus, bike cycling and taxi travelling information

Tenants should be allowed to decorate thier own living space to thier own personal preferances.


Mess and Waiting Tasks
Dirt, rubbish, trash, washing up, dusting, smells, electronics, hidden atmospheric hinderances, carpet cleansing, machinary and facility de-blocking at home or living space.
Advantages of being active, finding faster of ways too keep clean with oppurtinities of cooking, better atmosphere, health, visual awareness and personal space.
A lot faster than on-demand, one at a time or as needed, at your own speed and abilities for creating a place comfutable living in and conducting self interest or outside event attendances.

Restaurant and Take-away Culture

Fast Food Restaurants
Providing customers a self service station for adding any extras, such as, toppings, salads and sauces, keeping preperation and cooking too the restaurant offers the chance too try and explore new food experiences themselfs.
Poorly designed display and leaflet from listed menu of food names can be improved with descriptive words that describe offered meals or side dishes with pictures and captions which aid choosing, sense and expections.
Decorating food restaurant with thier native culture would show some kind of effort has been made with what to expect if ever visited, create a welcoming and comfutable atmosphere to be inside and work-in which would attract customers.

Cuisine Restaurants
Open rooms of scattered tables and chairs while eating near unknown strangers encuraging paranoia, concentration issues, intimidation, uncomfutable and shyness could be solved with decoration and creativity.
A group seated table with friends benefit by private secluded areas that have no or little view of others eating from the friends they are with, encuraging conversation, concentration enjoying and trying the foods.
Decoration of the restaurant with native cultural items offer conversation opportunities and learning of the country, what you might find and experience if there, opening interest too travel and visit.
Artificial plant life, low sound water features, non-direct coloured lighting and wooden carved features of the cuisines culture offer a relaxing atmospheare too spend time and encuraging revisit.

Small Grocery and Corner Shops
Benefit of the local peoples cooking experience at creating unique quality foods and drinks that would benefit from the shops community support and have customers visit specially for these products.
360 circluar displays, corner shelfing, stand-alone and straight shelfs can be customly made by wood working carpenters making use of space and a more enjoyable visit and an stand-out from other shops.
Stocking small ranges of simular products of food types together for a display and benefit with more open space and room too move for a less cramped atmospheare and more comfutable place for shopping.
Creating unique custom shop labels for items of special offer and marked down in price giving customers something too look out for while browsing giving personality in the shop.
Using raised small fridge freezers at eye level making products easier to see and reach for customers and gives the option for shelfing below them for extra products.

Farming Care

Farm Animals
Idle animals are unhealthy, produce low quality meats, weak and are at risk of flu or illness.
Eating grass causes formentation in the stomuch, difficult to disgest and motivation lack for activity.
Trapped in open plain fields with nowhere to go will cause bordom, depression, unhappy and idle animals.

Encuraging Animal Movement
Regular and many places for animal feed and drink that are far apart in fields.
Open grassland in fields will encurage grass grazing; having more than one will encurage movement.
Use of hills, bushes, ponds and trees placed between open grass grazing locations encurage navigation.

Landscaping for animals can be done with feeding, drink, toilet areas and open grass grazing land.
Grass will grow faster and long at animal toilet locations; animals will navigate to these places.
Animal fields are best with obsticals, uneven land, bushes, open grass grazing, trees, ponds and seperated places for travelling.
Growing fields are best at flat level, dedicated vehicle paths, checked and maintained regually.
Spreading manure is for GROWING FIELDS; helping plant life grow. NOT for animals because it is like being trapped in another animals toilet area.
Fertalizing is for ANIMAL FIELDS; helping the grass grow: IF NEEDED; NOT all the time to posion the animals.
There should be LESS animals on the land NOT to run out of grass too eat and require fertalizing.
Soil nutrition, quality and requirements can be easily tested, provided results with how to improve it depending on what your USING IT FOR with a 'soil nutrition test'.

Animal; Healthier, improved activity, happier, smarter, friendly, stronger and less risk of flu or illness.
Meat; Safer to eat, redder red meat, tender, improved taste and less blood content.
Landscape; Attractive, adventurious, efficiant, visitable, productive, nutrious soil for growing and animals.

Existing Town Improvement

Wasteful Pointing
Short cuts of important maintenance for buildings, features, facilities and attractions left to rott, decay and not carried out.
Delusion of wishful thinking, cult insanity and belief it will happen by doing nothing.
Services of negliction of improvement or action based on providing excuses, avoidance, forgetting and ignorance.
Filth, dirt and animal excrement in town becoming air-born, spreading desiese, covering clothes, skin, hair and breathed.
Purposly built permanant facilities of, such as; bin, toilet, buildings, artitecture, features and pavements with freak design faults, phycological disturbance and failure.
Maintenance equiptment not reaching basic standards for the created purpose.
Wasting time of dedicated workers and employees on tasks that could be made quick and simple.
Inadequate and repeatitive cleaning of public services which miss, avoid and ignore required attention and needed work for health purposes.
Requirement of police, control, chemical, and mental stability calming in-order to maintain population sanity.

Creating car parks of intresting shapes along with tree, plant, bush and grass attractive features with enough room for manoeuvring; creating a nice place for parking and memoriable revisit with suitable footpaths.
Converting houses into a spacious and attractive car park in residentual areas lowering street parking and a memoriable location to return too.
Stopping car parking on sides of the road will lesser traffic congestion, speed up in-town transport, easier to navigate with less distractions and be a safer place too drive; using the full width of the road.
Roads and pavements can be cleaned of dirt without cars parked on sides of the road that will lessening air-born filth kicked up by traffic that cover predestrians, forced too breath and spreading desiese; making a cleaner place inside towns.
Water drains and flood prevention grills maintained from blockage of leafs, dirt, filth and cleaned easily without cars parking on sides of the road.
Without cars parking on sides of the road will be easier too maintain clean streets, roads and pavements of litter and junk thrown on the floor.
Removing speed bumps will prevent dangerous driving, risk of causing accidents, motorcyclist lifes, annoyance and distractions.
Removing speed bumps will improve speed of town transport, drivers health, safty, attention and a safter place for driving.

Sign Posting
Painting the factory standard, undecorated metal rods that are erected all over town with remaining referance number stickers still on that hold signs and lights could improve the look.
Removing old erected metal sign posts that have no reason to be there, misunderstood, not used and ignored on pedestrian paths would create an easier walk around town.
Using and covering existing posts in stylish designer signing to major attractions, buildings and well known streets and locations on pedestrians footpaths for at least some navigation.
Sign posts made clear and visable for traffic with 24/7 lighting, lite up, highlighted and noticable for navigation, indication of risk and needed attention when using a vehicle.

Cleaning houses, street footpaths, tiding and removing dangerious old cables from faces of the houses and keeping garden plant life under control creates a more pleasurable place to live and for neighbours.
Removing outside wall, metal fencing, concreate floor slabs, garbage bins and gate access from street gardens creating room for bushes, tree, grass and plant life seclusion for residance.
Using the above line makes room to place communial waste bins and recycling areas a very short walk away on dense attached-housed streets creating less distruption and work when disposing of unwanted trash.
Removing the footpaths makes even more room on dense attached-housing for a pleasent winding walk for pedestrians and residence amungst flowers, bushes, tree life, water features and artwork or artitect features.
Using garden designs of plant life and artitecture for dense housed areas will dampen and lesser noise of traffic with cleaner air for breathing intown.
Cleaning and using treatment

Regularly held organised excerise events to drop-in and join anytime.
A market outlet and travelling aids for moving products too the market and returning back for self selling or on your behalf with onsite product storing options.
Large and spacious animal playground building too visit the animals, research about wildlife, learning how too and take care of animals would benefit families and younger people.

    Socity Building
  • Advertising of needful skills and experience, scheduled community events, local accomadation for sale or rent, awards and prizes for community work available for undertaking
  • learn about your community and the past acheivements, future plans and organised activities for participation and joining in
  • Beginner guides to find tutorials, videos, how too explainations, starter books for self interest research, creating craft products, new abilities and skills too learn of your own.
  • Information where to purchase supplies and equiptment, such as; paints, pencils, jewellery making, templates, basket weaving, pottery, tools, woodworking, stoneworking, metalworking, brickwork, glasswork, fabrics, food, drink and sweet ingredients
  • Contact information for assistance, such as; artist drawing, event organising, graphic design, writing instructions, template creation, painting, teaching guides, creating labels, selling your work and making products for your work.

Social community computer website for chatting, voice chat, webcams, sharing information, asking and answer questions.
Grocery shops would benefit from residence home-made foods to sell regually.
Residence making home-made food for shops would benefit from artist labelling stickers.

Providing a small, damage protected and difficult too break computer tablet too in-town residence for scanning a simple QRCode advert.
Battery and plug rechargable with solar panel too maintain charge and low power stand-by working conditions.
Scanning the QRCode and displaying on the screen; special offers, events and features from the adverts business.
Cutting down 90%+ resources of mass distribution for a solution of adverts of a colourful surrounding design, company name and slogan too hold a square QRCode for delivery.
Preventing complete waste of resources that are paper, employees time, money, ink, electric, recycling rubbish, wood, machinary and trees.
Easing mass distribution across the nation of heavy paper transport, vehicle air pollution, employees of letter, postal services and door to door deliveries.

Removing street gardens and footpaths from dense attached-housed streets makes room for seating areas, play and exercise activities for residance and toilets, even bins for passing pedestrians with pleasent plant life too enjoy.
More trash bins on residentual street, hamlet and villages will lessen litter and trash thrown on the ground.
Computer terminals offering a map of the local area, facilities, attractions and directions for travelling for pedestrians, using the pre-installed cash machines are fully fit for the purpose.
Atmospheric buildings of rooms for bathing, hand basin, music selection, toilet and shower with new equiptment dispensing items, such as; Shaving, moisteriser, shampoo, body cream, hardskin remover, wipes and other pampering products.



Health Issues

Know something before being told what you cannot do yet.

Point #1: Mental Ability; To do something at slow or fast speed with soft or hard control, NOT JUST DOING IT.
Point #1: Physical Ability; To do something as difficult or not and achieving that attempt, BY CONTINUING.
Point #1: Duel Ability; See harder or easier method in reason of what your trying to do, THAT YOU CAN DO.

You are not a Leech(No answer what you have ever done, know or can show AFTER using others creation)

Doctors and Medication

Segguestions and ideas for public health care.

Medication Aids: Increasing exageration, exppresive, relaxation, stress, reaction, speed, awareness, pain, excitement, taste, smell, etc.. for self improvement use.
Use and Advantage: In your benefit; if you choose with activities that help you.
Use and Ignorance: Removal of chemicals from your body and you will not like it.

Forms of Medication: Pill, Powder, Paste, Food, Gas, Drink, Injection, Cigerette, Sweets, Body Sticker, etc.. strong enough for noticing and use as a single medication aid.
The Label: Helps as ONE of; happy, sad, cry, hyperactive, numb, paralized, stressed, relaxed, sensitive, breathing, eat, etc.. and other medication aids.
The Advise: Activities that can be conducted too help fix the issue on using the single medication aid.

The Doctor: On using MORE THAN ONE medication will slow effects of others used. Over-use and order removal chemicals from the body, kick you out with standard detox and neutralising diet.
The Visit: Keeping records and issuing medication with fast comparing and warnings of chemical removal timing, current activities, avoiding over-use, lack in effectiveness, segguestions with instant advise.
Perscription: Personal DRUGS and CARD with activities to do with information for check timing, helping with or when you forget.

Health Issues

    Improving Ability
  • Take a walk anywhere, notice your surroundings and the details when looking around
  • Take time and a closer look at flowers, buildings or items that interest you
  • Hold correct body posture while seated or standing and not slouch back or forget too
  • Attempt walking better with longer steps or slower pace with the correct eye level
  • Keep the feeling of weight when carrying items of; groceries, shopping, fast food or equiptment that is done by lifting upwards
  • Move at a slower speed than normal when active, anytime and not forget too
  • Concentrate on sound of; surroundings, animals, talking, music, television or radio and not forget too
  • Focus with attention of; your actions, surroundings, television or radio and not forget too
  • Try to correct body posture, move or look somewhere else without doing it
  • Carry out basic tasks correctly with focus and concentration without losing it
  • Gain a memorable stability of direction by pushing, move, force or shifting weight constantly against gravity to the left, right, forward or backwards
  • Gain sense of direction by pushing, move, force or shifting weight constantly with your stability in one direction and not forget too
  • Improve sense of direction by heading backwards constantly adjusting and hold a good posture while not forgetting too, even focus and/or concentrate at the same time
  • Using angles of direction and the eye-line, find and hold your sense of direction for balancing mental and physical posture
  • Concentration allowing relaxation of the shoulders and focused relaxation of tense parts of body and muscules
  • Focus on holding posture and relaxing at the sametime
  • Concentrate on anything happening and breath at the sametime, comfortably or nose-in, mouth-out breathing
  • Take up opportunities and not put off, ignore, seek a shortcut or avoid experiences that could be enjoyed with practise
    Mental Challenge
  • 1: Focus on sounds, concentrate on happenings around you
  • 2: Use sense of direction, creativity while conducting actions, not forgetting too
  • 3: Do all 4 at the same time while holding for an amount of time
  • 4: Attempt too in stressful or comfutable situations

Practising above;

Remove issues of:
Stupidity, giving up, irritation, forgetting, silly, un-willing, tranced or blank mind, depression, brain clouds, stress, lack of motivation, fuzzy mind, brain dead, memorable annoyances, numbness, sexual frustration.. etc.

Improvement expected of:
Mental ability, feelings, motivation, comfute, physical healing speeds, improvement methods, hearing, relaxation, left and right ability, balance, awareness, eye sight, clear mind, sexual preformance, stability, sense of direction, mental speed, memory, motivation, remembering, thinking, concentration, focus, personality, social and interaction skills while opening up opportunities too experience.

Feelings of silly, irritation, uncomfutable, frustration, forcing and difficult will quickly disappear as abilities improve with time.
Improvement results are continuious and based on participation.
You should be able too use your imagination anytime, anywhere and hold for a reasonable amount of time.
You should be able too keep focus and concentrate anytime, anywhere, at anything and hold for a reasonable amount of time.
You should be able too walk in a straight line with sense of direction.
Forgetting is room for improvement.

Health Issues

Lack of sleep can effect us in many un-pleasent ways which makes it very important to get a good nights sleep for help carrying out day-to-day routines.
There are many ways to get a great nights sleep, here are a few;

Adjust tempertures of the room to a personal liking and comfutable being inside for sleeping conditions.

The more TOG the warmer it is, so, consider the below a guideline.
Summer: 3.0 - 4.5 tog
Spring/Autumn: 7.5 - 10.5 tog
Winter: 12.0 - 13.5 tog

Memory Foam Mattress(Expensive)
Replacing your mattress to provide more advantages such as postioning, cool airflow, softness and comfute during the night.

Memory Foam Topper(Cheaper)
Lays directly on top of your current mattress for having more comfute and support from below.

Weighted Blanket
To relieve stress and axienty, prevent tossing and turning during sleep, use it alone or lay it on top of your duvet, giving you a hug while in bed.

There are specially designed pillows that aligns your spine and neck correctly in a straight line to achieve the best sleeping position and removing the possibilty of stiff muscules when waking up.

Nasal Strips
Attaching to your nose, it opens up air flow, eases breathing and also helps to stop snoring.

Ear Plugs
Blocking out any unpleasent sounds and noise that may disturb you by slotting these into the ear and very easily removed in the morning.

Nice smells can help you drift off to sleep such as lavender oil drops on your pillow or purchasing a room diffuser.

Sounds of nature like waterfalls, rain and low freqeancy vibrations or peaceful medition music all helps to become calm, soothed and relaxed.

Turn off, block out or dim bright lights that may distract you when inside the bed.
Use low coloured lights to create a relaxing atmosphere for sleeping.

Eye Cover Mask
To block out visual distractions that maybe happening around you and help focus on sleep.

Do physical activities like yoga or using gym machines to make you feel tired, using up excess energies you may have.

Take a bath or shower with frageranced soap, shampoo or gels before bed.
Use clean and fresh bedding to feel comfutable while in bed.

Dress in relaxing, loose and comfutable nightware before going to bed and gentally wind down from a busy day.

Find a good book to read and divert your attention away from any stress or anxities.

Hot Drinks
Make yourself a hot chocolate or milk malt drink before bedtime to enjoy.

Try not to eat sugary sweets, drinking coffee, alcohol or eatting food before attempting to sleep.

You can aquire over the counter sleeping pills for a short period helping restore your sleeping.

Using a routine for helping sleep is a good method before bed, such as;
Change into pyjamas, make a hot chocolate drink, read a while, put on blind fold then sleep - as an example.

The adverage person needs 6 to 8 hours each night so you can work out when the best time is to sleep and wake by using an alarm clock.

If you still have problems sleeping, talk with your GP about the issues.

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