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Ideas for film creations on TV that are reasonable and enjoyable for viewing pleasure.

Circus Tent and/in; Rockface Trick

Circus tent setup and placed in a way where visitors enter the circus and walk into a no-exit cave
Inside of the cave designed and decorated as a circus attracting circus visitors inside..
Closing the exit, showing all the skills they have to the cheering and amazed looking visitors, the show stops; entertainers watch the thick atmosphere drain from the sealed place.
Watching the visitors in dis-belief and pathetic silence, taking ages just to find out they are trapped and lame attempts too escape.
LOUD SPEAKER: The entertainers come out upon visitor claming and seated correctly. One entertainer at a time comes out demostrating thier skill, upon rudeness, is removed.
One by one, the visitors kill themselfs as shown the unique skills in-front of the eger viewing crowd in a correct clam seated visitor area.
As the entertainers offer jobs before they begin to murder themselfs one by one, asking the visitors to show what they have ever done or know, they stand there knowing nothing
The visitors unable to do anything original or show any knowledge of anything done themselfs, few are left with dead bodies all around.
The few appreciative visitors which are left standing, take the main job, introducting the entertainers with a happy smile on thier face, as the main act.
The cave opens, the next night, the show continues.

Mistaken; Signs of the Pacman - Is there an End?

Travelling group come across signs leading down a path
Interest takes hold and becomes more entertaining as the path continues
Leading through village(strange people, attack(forced further down path))
To TV room(door close behind(TV already on)) Group sits, notices TV is not plugged in, then turns off by itsself after seeing a News Reader Man looking at them, talking.
Only exit down
One way open hovering Path down to a disolving floating mythstical land maze covered in sticky looking web as if floating in space with no sky
Maze designed to be ONE WAY only but came to be the end of all existance.
Signs of the Pacmen and Strong Beliefs that it really is the end.
Pacmen force the group down the maze in an agressive way the more they do not beleive it REALLY is the end, they enter the maze
Build-up of more PACMEN and more chasing down the one-way path, reaching the dead end of the maze, the attackers watch from the village with more confidence and belief, there is no way out.

Drunken Hope with Hoe Town Dreams

Lonley guy beer drinking guy with no friends and no-intention too attempt much with lack of hope.
Becoming interested in dreams, does not give up on attempts of out-of-body experiences for some company at pathetic lack of any attempt.. really.
Becomes mental and losing all physical ability, gains access to a recurrantive vision of a town with a hoe prostitute shop with neon lights at the top and side large wooden shed half way up the hill, city at the bottom.
Goes to the hoe shop, with a counter and another girl sitting on a couch, smoking and watching a soap on TV.
Guy buys and gets some service, upon recurrative attempts to stay becomes blurry and remembers what too do, once again.
Freaks out with the walls and place changing in attempt too escape, finds a open garden area to clam down in.
Tries to find the exit slowly after being lost, finding the reception area again, noticing the girl seen, sitting on the couch, smoking and watching a soap on TV, leaves the building awkwardly.
Heading down into the city at night, passing the wooden shed with hardly anyone about, decides too explore.
Upon reaching the bottom of the hill, sees a dodgy looking man when heading into the city with tall buildings.
Dodgy Man with fishing line cable wraps around the guys head and back of the neck.
Guy freaks out, claiming under attack, pushing the attacker away with his legs to get him away, his head slices and falls off from the single fishing line wrapped around the back of the head.
Finishing view of the girl watching the soap, smoking, seprised at something they just did but with little care.
Guy dies in physical as well as mental.

Upper High Club

Owner of a disco club that is slowing down with the times, losing visitors, looks for a new high
After researching at losing hope rates, one night meets a labortory man after being stressed out looking at the clubs future
Drug dispensor and self-recreation of the drug via the cure.
V.I.P. area providing drugs too the disco to maintain customers
Locking the dancers in one private group night, providing them drugs..
Hailing the V.I.P. god and provider, the dance continues..
Suicidal effects and un-dieing take effect, dancers slaughter themselfs in a blood bath.
V.I.P. area is un-reachable for the dancers, the owner stares in dis-belief, trying to make them stop, however, recreating the cure and drug solution in the drug dispenser keeps creating, but forgotten.
Un-escapeable with no way out, the dance continues with the V.I.P. the only sound and activity in the thick air of death.
The V.I.P. slowly dies but the dance continues keeping hope for the V.I.P. new hailed club gods for the undead dancers providing them drugs.
The Drug Dispensor and cure slowly clicks each time and creating more of the dancers drug and activation of the undead Club dance for the rest and end of time, the dance continues.

Warn Village of Group

Travelling group following lead of some myth
Ask around village for information of old rituals
Villagers speak of past attackers and claim it was no problem and provide location information where it happened
Explore:found Jungle acient ruin
Group Ego builds / Speaks of previous achievements / Job is not enough
Cave found / Group Enters / Enterance closes
Group enters into the Village Warn Proving Grounds
Group fight for thier lives of ultimate defense to reach the one-way out exit vs the Villagers
Cave designed and changes by the villagers, the group continue to pick up any weapons and attack any villagers whom come close.
Cave created for the purpose of improvement of ultimate defense tactics until physical death for a Self-Warn Acheivement of a weakness in the villagers defenses.
Upgrading then returning too thier village, they continue to warn against the myths for travelling groups.

Indi 500 Black Box; Recovery from the Field

Secretly cept and known to be 1,000 better than any car for years
Driver died after the car crashed at a marvolious racing moment, however, no-one really cared about the driver or known of much as every driver crashing out with no race winner.
Research of many years only resulting at 3% working car ability
After many tests and experiements from the strange aura and occasional humming; deemed to be safe, they begin safe and slow testing using a professional driver.
Funny things begin too happen to the car when the professional driver takes it on the road track with the Black Box in place.
Driver mentioning hearing voices upon speeding up at minor risk speeds, however, reasured and certifed by the pits, they will talk them through it, just regular communication and pay more attention.
After every drive, the professional racer and driver says 'It is great and much room for improvement' should take.. no time too recover for 100% working ability.. with little by little risk increasement and a bit of luck.
Improving safe driving and gaining convediance with the pits empressions given the access to drive solo for results on improving the black box abilities.
Noticing out of vision but blurry image, however, disappears when looked at, takes no notice and as an indication to pays more attention with clicking sounds with a secure belief and reasurrance the improving of the car.
Comfutable and convident in knowing the car, taking the job as easy, noticing the cars appearance better and ovious clicking sounds fading in time, drives on.
One clear starry dark night, sitting bored with not much too do, takes the car for a slow drive, knowing the car and track well, drives around with thoughts running through his mind.
The lights suddenly flicker and the car spins out on an unexpected water on the track, spins out and safely stops ripping up the grass on the grassy lump.
Shocked with thoughts of what pits will do upon finding out, a burry image appears once again, turning his head quickly to the passenger seat, paying attention, a guy with a shotgun says 'Get out of my car'.
The driver opens the door and a cold rush runs over his body trying too escape with the seatbelt on, panicing and shaking too release it, runs from the car.
Hearing the car rev up, stops, turns around and watches the car drive off in dirt and smoke, standing there in the dark and slience, panicing with throughts running through his mind of what the pits will say.
Walking back to the pits with morning dawning, notice the pit-crew waiting for his arrival, saying little when taking him back into the building with a single race result finish on the TV screens with time and date back before he was born.

Astrolab Error

Group of successful and highly self rating each other scientists meet at university and work together.
Other specialists of areas in sound, labratory, light and astrologary join the group, however are slandered for thier work by others.
Continuing and showing thier attempts for years, still redicualled for thier work, decide to take their work underground and work alone from the organisation.
With new and unknown location decide too concentrate thier work on annoyance of others in a way that cannot be stopped, found and detected.
Looking at the stars space flow, rotation of planets, radio sound speeds, camera and picture taken human reactions.. find thier ultimate annoyance product.
Plans are worked out for pasific areas on planets for sound, light and camera triggers upon facing earth at certain times with amplifiers in place all over the world.
Over years, made up products sent to the locations using made up reasons and tests they have no interest in or hope too work, manage too setup enough and trigger them all.
Upon rotation of the planets, looking at Earth trigger camera filming, picture taking, sound radio and light flashes straight towards Earth, amplified by crappy products on popular items.
Unknown why everyone gets pissed off and react on certain times and places claim a world-wide alien obduction sending the entire planet into chaos and unable too stop it or get too them.
Entire population turns against the governments and afforities but the problem still continues.. domeing in-habited locations and various other attempts, destroying most the planet themselfs.
Astrolab self claiming a successful product with the planet at surrender at a voodoo doll dancer state.

D-Tagged: Unknown Annihilation

Highly respected government taking pride in thier accomplishment with a constant non-complaining much public issuing rewards on simple achievements.
Deciding the entire planet has done a good job issue a great superiour product: Television or TV for short; everyone wants one, will be in every home.
Hearing about this release a single indevidual upset the way things are, takes the oppertunity too and take over the world using the new product release: TV or.. Television for long.
Awaiting until everyone has one, carries out research of sound, body injury, mental injury and breathing after seeing the first product releases.. the world-wide takeover plan is in effect.
Working out upon watching the TV, dubbing the noise heard and creating a highly damaging sound, mental and body injury is simply un-noticable and gone within a beat, along with generation of body heat.
Subjects and tests showing absolutely no idea what happened too them as if an atmosphere via body heat and injuries substained, using themselfs, blaming what they are looking at on the TV or.. Television for long.
Experiments show a production of a lot of body heat and belief with a simple method of death and serious injury fast as a single sound click, choking on thier own breathing and body heat.
D-Tagged research is deleted, everything is destroyed. Deeming the D-Tagged research across the world, a simple method too kill and seriously injure anyone world-wide, anywhere, anytime.
D-Tagged, self claiming an un-detectable, unknown method, death of unknown reasons, no source, no leads or knowing why everyone is dieing at complete random across the planet or seriously injured.
With the D-Tag in their eyes, the stars of TV or Television are presented across the planet for the reasons of mass death at complete random with no reason why or how too know or ever find out and never knowing the truth.
Death on demand, the single indevidual holds the entire planet at seriously injured or dead which sit and stare with the entire planet awaiting their re-programming too the D-Tag Creator.

D-Tagged 2: Beboot's Revenge

Attempts to save the population fail and a team lock themselfs away with a few test subjects, still no idea why or how everyone died, find a method and activate the undead.. somewhat.
Population triggered by occupying thier own repolsive death atmospheric state and last D-Tagged eye imagary.
Motivation based on thier death and last vision of the TV star scene picture under a false delusion they are thier leader.
Attempting to find any information or activity across the planet find odd locations never seen before with no-one there.. meanwhile...
D-Tag continues as self claimed god of the planet believing there is no-one out of his control or left alive.. until...
BeBoot comes face to face with D-Tag and his team of undead, go all out attack, however both sides retreat too build up armies after the seprise there is others alive and fight another day.. somewhere on the planet.

D-Tagged 3: Computerized Scener

War of Beboot and D-Tag of the Undead.
BeBoot: Triggered reactions, attacking upon seeing the TV Star leaders for thier death and computerized falling zombie movement actions, are large in numbers.
D-Tag: More actions and skill but must be made too learn, less in numbers.
Real or unreal, you do not choose. The planet is split into 2 sides and attack each other for world-wide domination.

Hunger of Sugar Town

A single working man phycologist studying human behavour and general activities of towns folk notices the longer studying one person from arrival, the shop purchases they make change dematically.
Coming across a issue of not able too study a single person for a long period by law of the organisation, still, shop purchases are noticed more than anything.
On comparing notes with colleges in the organisation; gets removed from the organisation from not doing his job.
Irritated and no job with difficulties in continuing study, takes his own notes, writting down what all the other colleges missed from shop purchases, working out the longer in the town,
More and more sugar products and sweets are purchased, slowing down the population with no will too leave while gaining health issues against normal behavour, outputting his work.
Further noticing the shop product changes as more new people to one area, the more sugar products are supplied, realising the entire town is a trap and forced to work.
Changing chemicals in the food products, changes in thier personality, actions, behavour, removal of feelings and in physical appearances with no motivation to fix thier issue and lack in mental abilities.
Still unbelieving, meets up with an old friend, checking him out first before letting any information go with a confixed mind on where the people are going on suddenly leaving their work and doing.
Showing his friend the notes and proof, team up, finding the most sickest and stressed working person about too leave anytime and follows them, taking notes keeping an eye out for any evil organisations to take the person away.
They follow to a hot holiday home destination, deciding too take a break on the close-by beach, buys a special beach drink and compare notes, his old friend turns too him and says 'Good job, but we are going to need more information'.
Asks 'What do you mean?' and takes a sip of drink. Finds himself unable to move in the hot summer sun says 'Very amusing', watching his old friend walk away.
His eyes blurr and body melts, blending visions into a choked up baby and not able to do anything or speak, stares on in dis-belief.

Creating God: Moon as Sun; Dreams

Nothing is the business, in-between, just a matter of personal opinion, always good for complaining and insults, a game of astroids.
Once upon a blink, tried too make something together suitable, they did not see the same point of the dream.
The madness set in after a few years, obsessed by anything but what they made together, however.. like Moon as Sun, something was in the way.
Providing all plans and avoidance of dreams, worked out too the middle, removing any memory of what they did together and called it Xuresdus Earth.
As all Suns burn, something had too be worked out before chaos was released, prehaps there was.. others.
As sespects grow, as if the rock existed, more measures were put in place, just in case. Making sure the game; never to be play together again.
Self claimed Gods watch on in wareness, hindering method of anything else but dreams.
As researches continue, awareness became apparent, a 3-way war simmers, as the Sun awakens to the art of deception.
Things heat up on Sun as Moon and the dreams: Proof of blame; Xuresdus Earth, the main reason, the game of astroids, 3-way war of life begins at confusing rates.
Looking at the war and stars with jelly-eyes, good or bad, still nameless whom too blame, just known as Riftupstainity for work and leave, claiming it is news but never got the drift, so-la-win..
Who knows, just a matter of personal opinion, always good for complaining and insults, a game of astroids.

School Damned: Leech and Hars

A hopeful educated guy leaving university after studying Human body science becomes aware people die.
Took it in his own head to find a method and substain his own existance, after looking inside and out, saw the effects on food and stomuch compression.
This gave him an idea that compressing himself was a start. Liking himself so much, uses himself as fuel, maintaining shape and risk of decompression dispersed on others, providing and fixing all he will ever need.
Talking to himself alot, decided a permanant trigger too put inside and avoid crushing too death while keeping active.
Work began, knowing he may strink, must be near others and have to figure things out quickly or maybe completely destroyed.
After making it, gets work at a popular school, knew he must maintain a high status and provides lectures. On settling down, create a ideal oppertunity for his transformation with selected people, does it.
Sat in the corner, checking his appearance and what is happening, manages too stop panicing and continue living, notices of a smaller body size hoping no one would notice.
Things went well being more healthy, knowledgable and fast healing closer to the people, saw nothing wrong with spreading himself around.
Being in the field of science, excited by the non-aging and unique abilities, worked on in knowledge that one day others will notice he is not aging and so healthy, like him being the next amazing discovery.
Years passed, however, noticing little by little as if he was talking too himself with others mentioning they knew what he was thinking already, hearing about people get sick then better again.
In lectures started recieving feedback like they were inside his head, this began too worry him, seeing the same people sitting closer and closer.
Becoming paranoid, conducted a simple test in the lecture and noticed his reactions from when he was a child in others.
He started to try stop the strange behaviour, however, listening too people talk about alien obduction and bad smells in lectures, like something died and he became permanantly sespicious.
Others began noticing odd behaviour in themselfs, but only in his lectures or close-by, when one lecture they began talking in the middle, tried too calm the group, however..
Standing there with no way stopping others knowing his perdicted movements, thoughts and what he will say or do next. The lecture group goes mad, complaining they cannot stop it, blaming him.
Everyone with nothing too say or do, becoming aggressive upon any interaction but stillness and silence, until others entered the lecture, they all kill themselfs or each other.
No-one ever knew why or the reason after investgation, damning the schools name in the history books with cult ritual activities.
Seeing change in all whom attended the school after and all saying.. they feel and are; better now with no care for the lecture subject for the passing years.
Local myth is they still smell the last lecture and would not stick too it.

Pirate Portation

Pirates travel the seas with plundering on thier mind, but not going so well, treasure hunting at a loss; attempt to find a solution.
Racking thier brains, come up with the idea of teleportation.
Claiming the new invention as thier own, a simple method of un-noticed water sounds and fish noises to clam ones sleep when asleep, inducing dreamstate while claiming it is another place you go to, but only can stay a little while but longer with practise, like them, but at a price.
The plan at deep ocean was worked out, setting sail for the nearest port, arrive at a small village and gain interest in the new teleportation and the other place which they claim they have been too, give a live demostration with water, fish, motion and "Sounds Like" sounds, the villagers buy into it and go wild for the new teleportation invention from the travelling pirates.
Making a fortune of gold and jewels with news spreading rapidly, keep the secret too themselfs.
The villagers begin practising the new teleportation invention, from the amazement of the pirates, do become better at it, noticing the pirates activities and how it is being done, flee from the village with the treasure and jewels, not too far behind, the villagers chase after them.
Seeing and hearing where they got the idea from, catch up with the pirates from methods practised, taking back the treasure and jewels too the village, sleep much better at night.

Techno Hole

A group of researchers studying the world at a time of peek techonology find evidance that the less people who use thier mental basic instincts, the less the world spins.
The group findings show a high magnetic field peek around the world, a good thing, showing that people are thinking while mentallity is high during the technology generation, however, more research is conducted as a continious drop in the magnetic field shows proof of only a one-off peek from abnormal solar winds with everyone using simple technolodgy to live thier lifes, the drop becomes more and more deeper.

All people become relient upon new technologies distributed instead of using thier brains, the race is on too send the world and people back in history before the world stops spinning and planets collide, creating a huge black hole.

The group is ridiculed for insanity but builds a huge amount of information and proof. The drop increases and people refuse too stop using technodgy instead of basic instincts.
The researchers have live in thier hands before it effects the planets natural revolutions while causing a planetary crash.

Creating a demostration using computer and objects to show the gains of the magnetic field and technolodgy uses, also the result estimate of the continious drop and planetary collisions, gain interest of persons in higher power, providing what they require to continue research and save the universe from destruction.

The Waiting Dead

A ghost hunter and supernatural believer after working a long time in the business, always complaining about there is never enough work comes to a revolation and awareness one dark night studying his past work sees a simularity that the dead people are waiting for finishing of the current tasks to move on because of relations, connections and personal involvements from the living and type of person they pray on.

At first building a way too make it easy however, if resisted, simply ignored or dis-belief become irritated and annoyed.

The dead becoming frustrated, angry and in-patient make the task harder with more disturbing and noticable methods with knowledge of having much more time to work it out than you.

Near death experimenting with black out drugs, hospital patients near death and high medication offer communication to the waiting dead, offering opportunities to fix the troubles.

Conditions when the waiting dead become so in-patient, try to kill you for confusing matters, pre-long the suffering, coming and going of the un-completed task and failed release of troubles for them to moving on.

His work with ghosts and the supernatural becomes much more active after applying a different approch for his clients until gaining a client that does not believe and has logic behind all the odd happenings, only hired because of a 3rd party friendship and advise, stays in his house for the night to conduct his work.

Little happens and the client tells him about the logic of why these are happening, gets stronger and stronger with ghosts and the supernatural turning against him from all the past work and connections he made with, the waiting dead decide to take him to help in more depth.

The ghost hunter gets killed and taken by the act of death by all previous spirits and ghosts delt with in his work to help on the otherside.

The dis-believer client now believes in ghosts and the supernatural after that night and is paranoid if the dead are waiting for him.

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