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The Village

Ideas put together for making a self maintained village.

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A village built around deep forest, valley, hills and water that is self maintained by its residance help.
Generating electricity for free use by water wheels and wind fan features at a continuious rate.
Offering a wide range of transport options for travelling the area with attractions and natural features too visit.

Visual Appearance
Buildings have wooden designs too blend with the sceneary build with durable material and comfutable interior inside.
Cultural features are highlighted all around the village for decorative, moral and to show the villagers art.
All seasonal flower's of different types, long life trees, bushes, statues, water features and plants that are easy too maintain are scattered around the village.
Sign posts and maps mark the way to all the destinations around so it will not be easy to get lost.
Communal area's, benches, parks and places too play will not be far away.
Walking within high treetops of the forest, deep flower garden walks, high hilltops, streams, rivers & mazes.
Water islands using only air to float that makes them available for special visits and breakaways.
Lake to support boating along with fish life and centeral building attaraction with underwater features.
Pets have a coloured reflective device which flashes in the dark and is noticable at all outdoor times.
Power supplies will be around the village to charge up transport or any electrical devices for free.

The village uses only my information, inventions and skills that are known for maintaining itself and enjoy, so far;

  • Water Wheels; generating free electric
  • Wind Fans; generating free electric
  • Drop Catcher; Holding water for plant life, farm irrigation and house cooling
  • One Life Partner Computer
  • Fire Slicing Wheel
  • X.I. ( Xeo Interactions Project ); Complete online communication and entertainment
  • Gravity Glide Slide

More in-detail inventions and technology can be found on my website LexxDesigns.com.

Residental Housing
Each house will have access to a private garden area of thier own.
A far distance apart seperates the houses not to cause a inconvenience to possible neighbours.
Underground and up tree house buildings with hidden peaceful places to take a break in are easy to find.
Undercover patioed areas sutiable at any time and any weather types to use.
Woodchip off-road parking close by the property is supported for the residence.
Pre-arranged house servicing times which will maintain houses, surrounding area and any vehicles.
Local occupants trades & services available to purchase and hire anytime.

Gadgets & High Tech
Security will be hidden away and in place across the village to maintain a peaceful enviroment for everyone.
Local secure website for public and occupants only.
Handheld device with new attractions, news feed, chat rooms, help & support, map, local walks, close by activities, webcams, and programs which can interact with local places in the village.
Occupants only village programs of shops, attractions and points of interest available on thier handheld device.
Interactive map locating everything inside the village area.
Dedicated vehicle to travel around in as required.
Automatic timed lighting sutiable and easy to operate automatic gates with remote controls which are on timers.
Music will be played along walkways and hidden places, controls and headphones are available.
Up-hill & up-tree transport made easy for walkers & joggers.

Commercial, Buying & Selling
Area for occupants to pick up food, drink and supplies, anytime for free or local trade.
Dedicated buildings for shops, selling products like suvioniers, item's made and built within the village, including hand-made craft, meat & dairy, material's & supplies, flower, plant and vegetables.
Cafes & resterents, also food & drink will be available a short distance away with sutiable parking and will be marked on the map.
Outside of the village shops will be available for occupants jobs.
Future harvesting and creating of the village sales.
Lake boat hire from the docks & trips around the island.

Trading & Maintaining
Vehicles and electronic machines to be regually checked.
Stock & equiptment warehouse storing of essentual levels ensured.
Outside trading and finance income monitoring.
Life requests of occupants who want to experience not available around the local area.
Village & landscape expansion pre-planning.
Occupants & friends meetings held for events of the village and talks.

Entertainment & Activities
There will be something to do always close by, such as:
Large pool & snooker only rooms.
10 Pin Bowling bowling lanes.
Pub for beer & ale.
Functions put on by the village that are open to the public.
Wine yard & tasting fields.
Big screen cinema and 3D surround cinema.
Gym & swimming pool facilities.
In-door roller blading & in-line skating.
All weather tennis & basket ball court yards.
Cards & gambling arcade.
Video games and technology.
Museum and village history.
Large tree swings and slides.
Quad & motor bike cross country adventures.
Downhill landboarding & real snow skiing.
Race track for high speed car & bike racing.
Deep forest tactical group paintballing.
Cross country & tree top abstical course.
Single and group computer gaming & amusements.
Refreshments and drop-in relaxation treatment spas.
Theater, music & acting arena.
Football & rugby training ground.
Art & craft building with features created from inside the village.
Cooking of local food & drink tasting events.
Viewing of the farming areas and animals.
..would generate visitors and an income for the village in the future as well as the Event Festivities free to attend for everyone.

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