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The Night Rider of Cypheria

Once upon a time deep in the hills laid a small village named Cypheria. This village was just like any other village you would come across over the grass plane hills, however, the village sat in a valley that gave the land there great richness of soil, perfect for growing barley. Because of this, Cypheria had a grand reparation for the sweetest barley for many miles around.
Being known for this the farmers had a lot on there hands as demands were high and trade was frequent throughout the village, yet, all was not peaceful in this so called thriving village.
Not to far away grow tall thick trees. Now not many people dared to venture into these trees as they had been known to move silently making it easy to become lost.

The villagers knew all to well about the forests dangers, as deep inside lay something not one would like to encounter because when night drew in, and the land fell into darkness, a rider of a dark fearsome wolf type creature would emerge from the forest which was named by the village "The Night Ryder", as once the darkness fell the Night rider would ride his darkened creature into the village and steal the best of the barley left out by the farmers.

Now this might seem odd, however, the farmers and the rider had a agreement together; The rider would not harm the villagers as long as there was barley left for the rider each night.
This agreement was fine for the villagers for awhile, yet, after awhile the rider took more and more barley as time went by. This began to become a big problem for the farmers as trade went down and the stocks started to deplete.

Cypheria is home to many souls, yet, one of the farms families that had been living there for many years now become very discouraged as the rider had taken much of their crop, leaving them hardly anything to trade and the cold of winter was coming.
Now the farmer had a son who helped him grow and water the crops everyday though out the year, yet by the end of the year from all the hard work they did they hadn't much to show for it. This played on the minds of the family for along time, and one day decided they had enough and asked around the village on how they could overcome this problem, yet none of the villagers was interested in helping out the family.
One day after a hard days work on the farm thinking of how to stop the Night rider, the farmers son, Jack, remembered from many years ago hearing an old tale of how the Night rider came to live in the dark forest and remembered that he was driven out from a village not to far away and seeked sanitary in the dark forest by a creature that breathed fire from its mouth.

Now Jack, knowing the area quite well had never seen any creature of this description, yet, played on Jack's mind on what creature this could be that could save the farm and restore peace in the village.

In the morning Jack rose from his bed and decided to seek out this village which had scared off the Night Rider years before.
He put some food in a bag and set out over the hills. It took Jack a while to reach the village as the hills of the valleys were steep, but once he got there he began to ask the local villagers questions on the Night rider and the creature that scared him off.
Not many people would talk to Jack about this, yet one person said to Jack.
"The village made a deal with the big red dragon which roams the hills in the north"
With this information, Jack gathered up his strength and headed to the hills in the north.

Once Jack got there he did not know what he was really looking for, yet after awhile of looking around he heard which was like someone snoring, following the noise he come across a cave in the rock with a big red tail hanging out.
Prodding the tail for awhile with not much luck on waking the owner, he walked around and shouted "Hello!" in the cave which echoed deep into the cavern.
The red tail whizzed by into the cave followed by a mighty grown.

"What is it now?" echoed a deep voice while a large red head come poking out of the cave.
"Hello, my name is Jack. I am need of your help."
"What do you have in exchange?"
"I do not have anything" replied Jack
"No exchange, no help. Leave me to sleep." the dragon replied.

This was one thing Jack did not think of, what could he offer the dragon to help him?
He sat on the rock for awhile thinking of what he could offer. After awhile looking at the dragon roaming about the cave trying to get comfortable to get to sleep again, it came to him.
"I offer you a comfortable bed whenever you need it where you can sleep in peace for as long as you like in our barley fields." Jack said in a loud voice trying to get the dragons attention.
"Sounds good to me." the dragon said, looking at him with tired eyes.
"What would you like help with?"

Jack then went on to explain the situation with the Night rider and how the village lives in fear for their safety.
"Yes, I will help you with your problem. Lead me to your village and I will scare him off for you."
So they both travelled back to the village Cypheria and explained to the villagers the plan to scare off the Night rider for good.
The farmers then gathered their barley and placed it ready for the Night rider to come and take it away.

Darkness fell and never the less the Night rider came again, out of the trees on his fearsome looking creature heading straight for the barley when suddenly the skies lit up and with a big swoosh fire that was placed in the path of the Night Rider.
He stood a bit shocked and then a loud thundering voice came from the sky.
"Leave this village and its people in peace for good or you will have me to deal with"
The Night rider then turned and as fast as he could, rode into the trees.
The dragon then landed and turned to the villagers.
"I don't think that you will see him again" the dragon said in a quieter voice trying not to frighten them.

The villagers clapped and cheered and celebrated long in to the night and for years to come the dragon of the hills came to rest in the fields of barley every now and again.

The End

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