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The Two Pixies

Once upon a time there was a really big, old oak tree deep in the thick woodlands of Tuskani.
At this tree, lived two pixies. One, named Ted, which dressed in red, and one named Pip, who dressed in green.
The two pixies lived either side of each other under a big oak tree for many years. They were both very skilled. Pip, being very good at carving, went out each day to gather the finest wood he could find in the woods, and Ted being a very good weaver, He went out to find the finest silk and materials to make the grandest garments.

Each day they would see each other, but never would talk to one another. They would go about there business gathering the best they could then coming back to their houses to carry out their work. Both of them would look over to the other side of the fence, that divided there houses, and look at what the other was doing, thinking of how and why they couldn't build and craft such wonderful work themselves.
So they tried harder and harder, each and everyday to better the other.
They used to try and get better tools than the other and get better stuff; one would get a new front door and make sure the other saw their new improvement.

One day Pip was crafting a magnificent wood carving that he had been working on for sometime, when Ted, finishing off one of his finest garments, looked over to where Pip was sat and saw the most wonderful craftsmanship he ever did see. Not a chip out of place, when he finally got up and walked over to Pip, and said, in the most beaten voice

"How do you create such marvellous work? I've trained for years at weaving and could never compare to your mastery of carving, I admit defeat, I will never be able to match you"
Pip turned to Ted with wide eyes in astonishment, pausing for awhile, thinking it might have been one of his dirty tricks, but from the look on his face, one could never have doubted him, he was being as honest as the day he was born.

Ted in a rather shocked voice, mumbled "Umm.. Thank you.. but I always thought the same about you. Look at all your tools, all you can make with such perfection, I only work in the shadow of you."
This gave the same look to Ted as it did Pip, They both looked at each other, feeling more and more silly the longer they did. Then, they realised, they had been competing against each other all these years, when finally Ted held out his hand and shook Pip's hand.

From that moment they both made friends, they talked and talked about all there skills.
They shared what they knew and stopped playing tricks on each other.
That day, they took down the fence that separated them and shared there tools and knowledge with one another, and together, they worked, creating the finest merchandise for miles around.

Everyone flocked across the land, from all over, to buy there wonderful creations, soon, they turned into the very best friends they could of imagined and lived happily next to one another, under the big oak tree, deep in the woods.

The End

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