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Find various artwork to view that maybe of interest, there is drawing, writing of fairy tales, computer graphic design and find out about websites. The shop is available to browse with unique hand-crafted products and look through plans of a self maintained village and the possibilities of X.I. along with critical articals for research, learning and acting upon.

News - Last update: 07/11/2019

- The Shop has new products of adjustable bracelets, earring sets, necklaces and anklets.
- 3 new movie ideas for the new film section.
- New section: Films with ideas for cinema shows, TV movie channels, internet video websites and rental.
- The constructing of Event Festivities held within the village webpage is building.
- Latest products arrive at the Shop with better pictures while more improvements and products to come soon..
- More artwork fills the Drawing gallery.
- The Writing section features a new story with added illustrations on most other stories.
- Build of written Articals continues to expand.
- Work on HTML+CSS+JAVASCRIPT+PHP+SQL DATABASE+CMS+API which is compatible and intergrated on the web into an online life support program / application that makes X.I. continues...
- Times are hard balancing on basic existance funds while tediously ignoring entitlement of maintaining ones life.


Films - Interesting motion picture video ideas for creating, recording and public viewing.

Articals - Writing of popular subjects and topics featuring improvement and observations.

X.I. - Pure and proud the X.I. project has a clear aim to provide the system for your online life.

Village - A maintained and village run by the residence that is completly self sufficient.

Shop - Hand-made products at really reasonable sale prices that are affordable.

Websites - Featuring interesting stuff you didn't want to know about websites.

LexxFX - See some graphics, look at logos sets, view a few business cards, raise your eye brow to text effects, watch the semetric patterns, take a glimps of the flyer even cast your eyes on a great set of icons.

Drawing - Artwork and design created over many years with pencil, also computer tablet art.

Writing - Unique full length fairy tale story writing for reading, anytime.

LexxDesigns.com - Find my profile and more about myself and maybe find out something useful too.

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