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Event Festivities

A major feature of the village is the holding of regular events for all too attend and join for a fun and memoriable nights.

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Bonfire Nights;

Cold, alcholic and hot drinks with barbeque serving pork roast, beef burgers, hot dogs, steak burgers, chicken, colsalaw, salads etc..
Seating areas inside, under tent and outside with lighting controls
Undercover Bonfire tent that burns all night whatever the weather
Simple games to partisipate in with juggling, gambling

Themed Music Nights;

Dance, live music and optional dress-up
Decorated in and out-doors keeping in-line with the theme
Food, snack and drink for a taste of what that night may offer
Styles of western line-dancing, italian, old disco, spanish, pop, rock, latin, jazz, reggae, etc..

Cookery Festival;

Try food and drink from specialist growers and cooks
Farms of vegetable, meat, flower and fruit offer try and supply
Cooks show thier skill and products for regualar outlet and to-door agreements
Helpful services with packing, packaging and goods transportation available to contract
Opening business oppertunities for trading, selling, buying, work and supplies
Take home recipes and guided cookery projects to try at home

Mini-Races Festival;

Radio controlled vehicles of car, boat, helicopter, plane and truck
Road, water, air and dirt tracks with softened crash and landing sites preventing damage
Organised racing, timetrail, competitions, speed limited and free use anytime events
Stalls of vehicle purchase, repair garage, spare parts, vehicle recharging, petrol, upgrades and downgrades
Gain a certificate and races you qualify to join, after a simple speed test
Visit, spectate, race or help out
Win prizes, trophies, records, spending vouchers

Gambling Festival;

Win a choice of unique take-home prizes
Spectator bets taken on a player competing in challenges with social area offering meals, drinks and live information board
Selection of slot machines, cards, dice, gambling games to play and practise
Compete in gambling challenge games with other players
Record book history

Gambling Challenges

    Challenge; All-In:
  • Provided Allowance
  • Minimum betting amount
  • Selection of gambling games
  • Personal time countdown
  • Bets increase personal time

Win Condition: One player has all allowances of compeating players
Lose Condition: Run out of time forces All-In one bet of allowance

    Challenge; Forz-Streak:
  • Provided Big Allowance
  • Minimum betting amount
  • Selection of gambling games
  • Time Period

Win Condition: Whom gains the longest win and/or lose streak in a row
Lose Condition: Reach the minimum or maximum allowance limit allowed

Gambling Games

    Game; X-Wall Ball:
  • Provided ball
  • Roll to the wall
  • 3 Card turnover choice (Card 1: X-Ball | Card 2: 2X-Balls | Card 3: Nothing)
  • Buy +1 ball at same bet
  • Cycle to rolling

Win Condition: Whom has a ball closest to the wall
Lose Condition: Card 3 turned over twice

    Game; Black Ball:
  • Provided 2 balls
  • Roll at 2 cards slow moving left/right, gutter behind
  • Card 1: X-Ball+7.5% Speed
  • Card 2: 2X-Balls+12.5% Speed+Win 30% Bet

Win Condition: Card 2 hit
Lose Condition: Card 2 miss

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